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Hi! It’s me – Nina. I’m a Certified Sex Coach, and freelance in the mental health space. But that’s not really who I am; that’s what I do. Who I am is often unfiltered, completely imperfect, and 100% unashamed.

My superpower is shining light on the most “taboo” aspect of being human – our sexuality. I do not personally believe it should be taboo – but our culture seems to have a different opinion.

I often start the conversations that most want to…but many won’t. If people aren’t saying to themselves, “I can’t believe Nina just said that out loud!”, then I’m not doing my job well enough. Being uncomfortable about a topic usually means we don’t understand it, or it’s different than our “normal”.

As a Certified Sex Coach, I use humor (a lot…), candor, and compassion to help everyday people understand and embrace their sexuality, so they can STOP living with shame and guilt, and START living with intention, authenticity, and radical self-acceptance!