ask nina sex and mental health questions

Have you ever wanted to ask anonymous questions about sex and mental health?

In our society, sex and mental health are still taboo topics. As a result, the myth that sex and mental health struggles are inherently “bad” or “wrong”, is perpetuated. Our mind and sexuality are probably our most HUMAN parts, and they should not be muted and thrown into some dark “room of shame”. In other words, we need to stop hiding, and START TALKING.

People only show you what they want you to see.

Social media makes this even more difficult because people are only showing their highlight reel. For instance, couples aren’t talking about the fight they just had, or that they haven’t had sex in months. It’s also rare that people discuss when their mental health has gotten to be too much to handle.

You deserve to get rid of shame. But how?


By being vulnerable and having REAL conversations, we can expose our shame. As a result, it can no longer survive.

Do you ever feel guilt, fear, or shame because of a thought you have?

Are you worried that your sexual fantasies are “weird” or “taboo”?

Have you ever wondered if what you are going through in your relationship is “normal”?

You probably answered YES to most (if not all) of those questions, right?

Welcome to the club – You’re human!

Below is an anonymous form to ask all of your questions about sex, relationships, and mental health. I typically respond to questions on my Instagram stories, so come follow me there!

As a former teacher, I will tell you the same thing I used to tell my students…

“If you have a question, someone else will either have the same one, or will undoubtedly benefit from the answer.”

So ask away!!