Individual and couples sex coaching

Individual and couples sex coaching can be a match that ignites one hell of a fire! However, very few people know about Sex Coaching. Additionally, we are all so different in our approach! In other words, we all have our own unique style and personality that we bring to the table, based on our training and our own life experiences.

For example, I tend to use raw candor, humor, and a light-hearted vibe when working with clients. I believe that the more relaxed you are with me, and the more you trust me – the more progress we can make. Above all, I want coaching with me to feel natural and authentic.


Every one of us grew up with quite a few messages about sex and relationships, am I right? As we grow up, some (see: a lot) of those messages conflict with what we are actually aligned with, and THAT’S when the inner struggle with guilt, shame, and fear come onto the scene.


What if you challenged all of the messages you’ve heard about sex and relationships, and REWROTE them to align with what works best for YOU as an individual – in and out of relationships?

How would you show up differently if shame, fear, and guilt were no longer attached to your sexuality or relationships? Pretty wild thought, huh?

Well, guess what? I’VE BEEN THERE. I GET IT. I’VE DONE IT. IT’S POSSIBLE…and now it’s your turn!


You’re looking to understand your sexual desires/fantasies, and are ready to kick shame to the curb!

You have specific fantasies that you would like to bring to reality

Communicating about what you want sexually is difficult for you

Introducing sex toys into your life is something you’d like to make happen!

You and your partner want to (re)ignite passion and lust in your relationship

Whether you fall into one of those examples, or you don’t and still want to see if I can help, please fill out the form below to set up a complimentary discovery call for individual or couples sex coaching!