Nina talks real speaker

“Initially I felt a little uncomfortable, even guilty, about sharing some of the most intimate parts of our lives with someone outside of our relationship. I reached out to Nina from a place of desperation, ready to jump from the blazing train. Nina’s expertise and professional, yet personal, demeanor was a breath of fresh air. Working with Nina was exactly what our relationship needed.”

Amy, NY

“The real part of this is Nina and how she packages and presents information. She helps all who listen to her on a physical, emotional and even spiritual level. She’s remarkable and gets my highest recommendation.”

Greg, CT

“In a world of confusion, we seek clarity. At times of uncertainty, we hope for validation and understanding. When feeling lost and alone we reach for guidance and assistance. Nina has served as all those things and more!

As a “tough guy” I was always taught to keep things in, bury them deep down, figure things out and come out even tougher on the other side. With her humor, light-heartedness, and COMPLETELY judgment-free zone, I feel as though I’ve found a person that assures me that my wants and desires are completely normal, my struggles are also carried by countless other men, and that the change I seek in a better career, marriage and sex life is possible.

Nina is a godsend and the world could use more people like her. Beautiful inside and out, she’s taught me acceptance and to embrace possibility. Seek her out and LEVEL UP!”

Brian, FL

“Nina is an incredibly interesting speaker! I’m so glad I went to see her speak. What a freaking eye-opener! It was so genuinely and intelligently presented. Nina took what many consider taboo and discussed it with humor and understanding. It was so nice to talk about things honestly and never feel judged. Women need this!”

Tracy, CT

“My husband and I have been together for 14 years, married 11, and have 3 children under 10 yrs old. My husband and I found Nina and knew working with her was our next step in our quest for a more authentic relationship and the NEED for passion. There has always been a lot of shame and guilt surrounding sex for me as a result of societal stigmas and personal experiences growing up. Nina helped create a safe space for us to have gut-wrenchingly honest & vulnerable conversations as well as “normalizing” struggles that long-term couples face. I feel like my sex drive has finally been truly awakened for the first time in my life after only a couple short months of working with Nina! She has provided so much knowledge regarding sex drives and fantasies to help us understand each other better and push our relationship to the next level. The shame has dissipated and my husband and I have a newfound connection and passion! I can’t wait to see how our process continues to evolve working with Nina!”

Kim, PA

Since working with Nina, my relationship with my husband has grown so much. The taboo questions and conversations are easier, even if we start the conversation during our sessions! We have had to deal with some pretty difficult situations, and I don’t know if our relationship would be so strong without the help of Nina. We are much more open to exploring ourselves, and we cannot be happier!! Our sex life was great before, but now it’s amazing since we can safely talk to each other about our wants and needs by experimenting with things together. I know it’s difficult to get “coaching” especially in such a sensitive area, but I am so comfortable with Nina being there with us and for us. If I could tell everyone to get coaching I would..it’s not a negative thing, it’s a positive! I cannot thank Nina enough!!

Client, TN

“Nina is someone that really opens your eyes to things that you’re missing when it comes to sex with your partner. She is easy to talk to, understanding, but will also hold you accountable on the things you’re not doing. She’s definitely a breath of fresh air because there are not many professional people out there that you can comfortably have those types of conversations with. She’s helped my marriage in so many ways. 
As men, most of us are taught to be hard and not show emotion or express feelings. Nina taught me how expressing my feelings to my partner can only enhance my relationship, and she’s been absolutely right. She’s the best.”

Mike, FL

“She has secretly saved me…and probably my marriage.”

Errin, CT