Welcome to Real Talk with Nina – That’s ME!

Whether I’m speaking to an audience, or working one-on-one with a client, my message is the same…

Humans crave CONNECTION, not perfection – and I believe with 100% certainty, that we cannot truly connect unless we are Unfiltered, Imperfect, and Unashamed.


My entire life, I always felt as though my thoughts were anything but mainstream (Thanks, OCD – eye roll). They were intense and, often times, very uncomfortable. I was convinced that I was the ONLY person in the world who had these “crazy” thoughts. So, I believed I had two options – I could force myself into the proverbial mental box that would be met with the least resistance in life, or I could simply keep my thoughts to myself. 

I tried both and succeeded…miserably. 

In my early thirties, something shifted. I’m not sure if there was a single moment in time, but it happened…and I rolled with it. Instead of fighting my own thoughts and trying to drown them out with the expectations of others, I decided to just…let them be. I began to share some thoughts on social media, and something miraculous happened. 

“Same here, Nina!”

“OMG, you too?”

“Thank you for sharing this. I thought I was alone.”

“I’ve never told anyone that before!”

I remember feeling like I had this virtual army of people that were looking for me to keep feeding them my unfiltered reality, so they could begin to accept their own. I began to attract other people who, just like me, were the outliers, the ones who were willing to be vulnerable because a true connection was that important to them. These were my people. 

Then, another revelation. I had to give back. I had to be the one to show people that their most vulnerable sides were NOT broken, weird, or shameful – they were amazing, powerful, and innately human. I started to pay attention to the pain points of other people. When did they close off the fastest? What topics seemed to create the largest elephant in the room? What did they feel they had to hide the most? It became abundantly clear. 


I found that these two topics were the most muted, shame-filled, guilt-ridden, uncomfortable topics for anyone to discuss. As more people reached out to me, I began to see that they really just wanted a safe space to unload their thoughts. They wanted to simply be told they were not alone. They wanted to know that their quirky habits, “crazy” thoughts, and even their sexual fantasies, didn’t make them any less of a human being.

Enter Real Talk With Nina

Now, I spend my time speaking to audiences of all sizes on some of the most taboo topics out there. I do this in hopes that people will begin to realize that so much of who we are is buried in the things we ARENT talking about…and it’s time we start!